• Gabriela Tichelea

    “My passion for sports has blended nicely with my passion for people, so I set up 7TEAMZ. My incentive is to be a real support to people in sport and to support them in achieving their goals.”

As a former performance athlete, I have accumulated international experience in the roles I played, that of handball player, coach and manager.

Since 2014 I help sports organizations to meet their most ambitious goals. I build strong teams and support performance athletes, coaches and managers to reach their potential.

I replaced the role of performance athlete with those of trainer, personal development counselor and transformational coach.

  • Accreditations: 

    Accreditated Transformational Presence Coach

    Trainer and Personal Development Advisor

    Certified Executive Coach

    International Coaching Federation Member

    Licensed EHF Club Manager

  • Values that guide me:

    Passion     Commitment

    Responsibility    Trust

    Openness       Honesty

    One team attitude

    Continuous improvement

What People Are Saying

“The workshops with Gabriela brought a lot of confidence to our team.

We managed to get to know each other better and find elements that would draw us closer.

I think it has changed the dynamics of our relationships in a positive way.”

Radu Andrei Tamaș, handball player

“I’m delighted that I met Gabriela.

Working together, I have been able to add value to my work as a manager, as well as a coach.

Through the coaching sessions she helped me to regain my confidence and to realize the value of my own strengths, so I can set bigger and clearer goals. “

George Tautu, Manager CS Alpha Oradea/Coach CSM Oradea

“Gabriela’s professionalism, sincerity and knowledge helped me to become confident in my own strengths and to make more appropriate choices to produce the changes I want. The coaching sessions represented a superlative evolution in my professional career. I have succeeded in improving the way I interact, communicate and act in relationships with others, giving me the satisfaction of the permanent growth of the desire to work. ”

Darius Sarca, handball coach

“Gabriela, you are very much appreciated in our group and you are a great win for our team.

You are the connector between the management team and the players.

This is more and more needed in todays sports world.”

 Adrian Gavriliu, Director Club Sportiv Municipal Bacău

“The way Gabriela worked with our team is superlative.

We thank you for your support, devotion and involvement.”

Gabriel Armanu, handball coach

“The coaching sessions that Gabriela gave at our club were very beneficial.

Personally, I managed to regain my confidence and strength to continue my steps towards high performance. “

Cristian Gherman, antrenor

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