Who am I?

Hi, I am Gabriela

I was born in the city of Targu Jiu, 32 years ago.

At the age of 8 I first entered a sports hall and that was also the moment I first touched a handball ball. That moment was magic, as I fell in love with this sport. Thus, sport has become a defining element of my life. I say this because all of my choices have been influenced by my sports activity.

In my whole sports career there have been happy but also very hard moments.And now I am going to tell you a bit about those hard moments, because those were the ones that made me stronger, helped me define my character and due to them, today I am a person who loves its work.

There is a study that says that only 3% of high performance athletes are financially independent  after ending their sports career. About 15% make it to the top. I wasn’t in any of those categories, but as a professional player I say it proudly that love, passion, wishing, hard work and the sacrifices for handball were huge and I lived everything at high intensity.

So I’ve never put myself first, so I had to suffer physically. By 25 years old, after 5 knee surgeries, I began to have terrible back pains. After many doctors’ consults, I’ve been told that it’s time to retire because the risk of a paralysis was really high.

I woke up to an unknown territory, without any kind of support, just thinking that all what I know is to play handball. For 2 years I have tried to find my own way.

At friends recommendations, I have started to work with a coach. I didn’t know anything about that process, but I wanted to improve my life, so I accepted it.  At the end of the coaching sessions, not only that I’ve found the clarity about what I want to be in the future, but I also started my own business.

Thus, I have founded “Global Talent Sourcing”, a sports agency looking to help athletes to find and sign new contracts, to offer them coaching and consulting services, in order to help them to obtain better performances, in their personal  as well as in the professional life.

I have invested in my education, following two coaching schools: ” The Academy of Executive Coaching” and “Centre for Transformational Presence”. I am accredited trainer and Personal Development Advisor.

Openness, trust, focus, intuition, challenge, creativity & fun – this is my style. Fairness, discipline, perseverance and respect are values that guide me. I am the most positive person I know, so I believe in everything thats beautiful and good. I am coming from a family that had been thru hard times in the past and I  proud of how united we are all.

I travel a lot and I am fortunate to have, all over the world, friends who inspire me and friends I learn a lot from.

I like to ski, walking in nature, love animals. Cooking and gardening are my passion too.  I read a lot , at the moment I am fascinated to read about the lives of former great athletes, or titans in the sport, as I like to call them.